Kindfull Difference Maker

Together we can

What is a Kindfull Difference Maker?

A Kindfull Difference Maker is someone who makes a positive change or difference in a community, and is a great role model and leader for other people as well. Our difference makers are known to be involved and engaged in the community, and go beyond everyone else’s expectations when it comes to helping others and the world around them.

What is The Kindfull Difference Maker Badge?

The Kindfull Difference Maker Badge is the ultimate achievement on the platform that you can earn when you show that you possess all the positive traits of a Kindfull Difference Maker. You strive for inclusivity and respect for other people, the world and yourself. You are kind, giving, inspiring, and a leader, and you bring all kinds of people together to help those in need.

How do you earn the badge?


Create an active community

Not only do you help the community around you, but you are a leader that wants to be a role model for other people around you. By creating an active community, other people will follow you, and take example of your altruistic actions.


Post a project

Post, post, and post some more! The more projects of yours you post, the more the world will see how much of a difference you are making. We want to see all your amazing ideas and projects that help the community.


Engage with others

By engaging with other users on the platform, you are helping create an inclusive community that uplifts others and praises positive change. Friendships will be made, and a loving platform will flourish!


Share what you are doing with us!

Last step is to let us know that you are doing all these amazing things, so we can award you with the badge! We can’t wait to see what you are achieving. Don’t forget to use #KDM!

Member Benefits

What do you gain by being a Kindfull Difference Maker?

Charity law within the UK varies among England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but the fundamental.

  • You will be known as a leader of positive change
  • Access to live events
  • Be a moderator on Kindfull groups
  • Early access to news and updates
  • Send group alerts
  • Track and report opportunity metrics
  • Export your opportunity data
  • Automatically send documents to potential volunteers

Ready to apply for the Kindfull Difference Maker Badge?

Fill out the form and let us know what you have achieve on the list above!

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