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Where it all began

How are We?

Social media is having a big impact on kids, teens, and adults in all aspects of their lives. From negativity, to insecurities, to superficiality, our society really is paying for it. There has been a big rise in mental health issues caused by social media, and because of that, we decided to make a difference. Kindfull was created to be a safe space for positive social media, where no negativity is allowed, and where positivity and kindness is at the heart of it all. It is a platform that actually pushes you away from the screen to have an impact on society, instead of keeping you hooked on things that don’t matter.

All About the Stats

What if there was a place that was only full of kindness. It would show positive acts, messages, and quotes… Well guess what! Kindfull is that place. Kindfull is a social platform for anyone to share acts of kindness and where anyone is welcome. This app encourages you to show altruism and benevolence in your community, model what others do in their own community, and more than anything, be a judgement free zone. There is so much negativity in this world that can hide the uplifting and amazing things in life. On this platform, we want to focus on all those uplifting and amazing things! By showcasing what you do, others will follow, and together we can make a great difference.