For Parents

A Safe Space For
Your Child To Join Online

Unlike other social media platforms, Kindfull is a space made to make sure that kids are pushed to get off the screen to make a positive difference. On this platform, your child will be in a safe space where no negativity is allowed, and where all content is monitored to make sure that everything is age appropriate and child-friendly.

Ease into the online space in a safe and kind way

For many kids, this may be the first social media platform they join, and from this experience they will learn how to interact with others only in a positive and kind way and to praise others for their positive impact on the world.

Create community without distractions and negativity

We know how much negativity there is in the world, and because of that we created Kindfull to be a platform that floods with positive thoughts and actions, and where negative comments and ideas aren’t allowed.

Stay connected with friends to foster positive relationships

Friendships will be created thanks to common ideas on how to make positive impacts. Because of the no negativity rule, these friendships will also thrive on positive reinforcement and kind comments.

Why Both Parents and Kids LOVE Kindfull

Kids can be themselves on this social media platform, with no worry about being judged by other people. They are praised by others for the positive differences they make, and their ideas about being kind and altruistic are reinforced. This is a great way to teach kids how to help the world, without worrying about any sorts of online bullying or harassment by anyone.

Content and language monitoring

Everything is monitored, and no negative language is allowed.

Privacy enabled – no location tracking

You won’t have to worry about your child’s information or location being tracked.

No negative responses

Positivity is at the heart of the platform

Positive content required

Only certain responses
are allowed

Content is secure

Nothing will be
shared to third parties

Content control

Bad language and prohibited topics are filtered out

Create positive community and school groups

A positive community thrives with no fear of judgement

Profile control

Parents will have the option to control their child’s profile

Notification limits

Nothing will be shared to third parties

Where is the money going when I purchase or donate?

Thanks to many kind souls, just like you, we are able to keep Kindfull going and impact the lives of people around the world in the most amazing of ways. Money from the donations goes to keeping our servers up, maintaining our website, having the best content there is, and making sure our message reaches as many people as possible. Without individuals like you, Kindfull wouldn’t be able to exist and spread the positivity it does. We thank you for your generosity each and every single day.