Who We Are

Hi! We are happy to meet you!

We are Maliya and Ayana, two sisters from San Diego, CA who are ready to create and share acts of kindness on a bigger platform! We are inspired to change the world while encouraging others to do so in their own way as well. Just like many teenagers, we use social media very frequently, but because of that, we noticed how much of a negative impact it can have on our lives and those of our peers. We decided we wanted a safe space for us, and everyone we love, and that’s where Kindfull came in!

What makes us different from other social media platforms?

On our platform no negativity is allowed! It is a community where everyone is supportive of one another, and where positivity flows through every part.

Everyone is welcome, users cannot dislike or post a negative comment.

We celebrate differences and people wanting to make an impact on the world. Kindness is at the forefront of the platform, and we want everyone to feel welcome in this safe space.